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Our First Write Up!!

Many thanks to Priti and Ecopreneurist for writing us up! You've made our day!! 

Ever wondered where your favorite eco-friendly item came from or what its supply chain actually looked like? I sure do. Supply chains and supply chain management have become so complex and convoluted these days, it is the number one issue that plaques sustainability initiatives and fosters greenwashing claims. One entrepreneur from San Francisco, Julian Coleman, probably had the same questions when he founded Janum.

Source: Ecopreneurist (


October Fine Art List

I've decided to bring back an old feature I used to do every month called the Fine Art List. Essentially, this is a list of things that inspire me, or just things that I like. It's fairly random: music, books, beer, food. Take a look.. hopefully there is something there that you can pick up!

1.      Ryan Adams's Ashes & Fire

2.      Liga Masiva

3.      We First by Simon Mainwaring (book, 2011)

4.      “Be My Baby” by The Ronnettes

5.      Will (film, 2011)

6.      SuperHeavy's SuperHeavy

7.      The Uptown Theatre, Oakland

8.      Hale’s Ales Mongoose IPA (Seattle, WA)

9.      “Everybody Knows This is Nowhere” by Neil Young

10.    Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack (San Francisco)


Free Soap!

For every order placed over the next week, you'll get one of these babies for free!

Meet baby Yogi: packaged in a cool palm tray and wrapped in jute rope. She's the perfect introduction to Holy Lama and/or the perfect present to brighten someone's day.


Hardly Strictly

Well there's only been one freak-out since the site launched. About two weeks in, I finally broke down. The enormity of having launched this beast finally kicked in. Two weeks of fulfilling orders (thanks everyone!), writing emails, social media promoting and everything in between caught up and I needed a short break. It only lasted an evening and some drinks, but I was then able to process what I'd done and what I now needed to do.

Press Release. Online and retail sales strategy. Company personnel growth. Product addition. And so on and so forth.


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