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We're Deep in the Streets

Those in SF might have noticed our street campaign at the start of the month. We coupled our video campaign with some "street graffiti," done early in the mornings, always to hilarious commentary.


Monsoons, Bright Lights, and Monkeys

Ahh, back in India, during monsoon season nonetheless. Actually, I thought the monsoons would be over, but landing in Hyderabad early yesterday morning, the rain told me otherwise. As did the rain after my three hours of sleep.

Landing to light rain at 2am is actually somewhat soothing and comforting. This is the only time of the day when you get to drive without traffic, and the subsequent noise that the traffic brings. Being really sleep deprived, these circumstances, coupled with the rain, made for a pleasant arrival.


The Beginning

It all started in Amsterdam nearly two years ago, on a day in December when I graduated with my business degree and the US simultaneously cut over 100,000 jobs. Searching to find my true path, my journey has since taken me to an organic fruit and vegetable expo in Berlin,


Campaign Details!!

As promised, here is an in-depth overview of all of our videos. Even if you’re not that bothered about each video, you can at least find out what music we used!

#1 – This follows Janum’s early travels and beginnings. Footage in order: SF, Ethiopia, India, Amsterdam.

Music: “Tighten Up” by The Black Keys

#2 – This includes Bocce, Julian’s parent’s garden in Delaware, being on a boat in Portugal, and the Big Bambu exhibit on top of the MET in NYC. (Note: this exhibit showed the power of nature to innovate- this is a living city made entirely of bamboo and ropes!)


Organic Cotton

Pictured: Organic Cotton in Kagaznagar, Andhra Pradesh, India

We only select green and safe raw materials for making Janum products. You will never see any wood or cellulose derived from trees here.


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