We've lowered our shipping!

And for a small company, this was quite an undertaking.

Unless a company is shipping huge quantities, they get the same rates as any individual would. Factor in the cost of the shipping envelope, and shipping actually becomes quite a barrier. We actually got this comment from a few people who ordered, and we apologize but appreciate your order!

So, after some insane research, we've found a way to get this cost down, and we can now offer shipping at much lower costs! This is mostly down to the really nice woman at the post-office, Kate. Kate, if you're reading this, thanks for being so willing to work with us! 

The larger the order you place, the bigger the difference in our old rates versus our new rates. For example, for an order of cloths and 3 soaps, the shipping has gone down 45%.

Now go and tell your friends, family, neighbors, and people on the street to check out Janum and place an order!

(ps. photo credit goes to the wonderful Rosanna Gonzalez for sending this pic in!)